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How do you create empathy?

Atopic Eczema is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of people, I was challenged to create a video that shows the difficulties of living with the disease for World Atopic Eczema Day.


The style developed into a continuous line drawing complimented by simple shapes and a delicate colour palette sensitively illustrate what it's like to live with Atopic Eczema.

I briefed a freelance motion designer for this project, but after navigating some tricky conversations, it resulted in me animating the video to reach the deadline.


'I LOVE it and think it looks and sounds amazing'
– LEO Pharma client


Art direction, storyboarding, illustration and motion.

Tools used:

Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro.

The looming deadlines encouraged this project to move quickly. I sketched the storyboards and illustrated style frames so the clients could visualise the look of the final animation. 

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