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1 chocolate block, so many ways

I created 6 months worth of social content for Toblerone's social channels, that focused on calendar dates with gifting opportunities for chocolate, such as Valentines Day. 

The main challenge with this project was the budget – £0. No props, no locations, no models.


So, armed with a makeshift studio, cameras and a persuasive personality, I shot everything to the VERY minimal budget by salvaging props I hoarded in the office, coercing colleagues into modeling – with the promise of a chocolate bar or 2… and strategically planning the concepts to include high-end locations I had access to for free – such as a Grade 2 listed War Room – which handily happened to be in the office building.

The result is a suite of constantly evolving content that received 1000+ likes per post on Instagram and increased audience engagement with the premium brand.

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Photography, Illustration, chocolate briber, professional prop scavenger, free location spotter.


Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom


Behind The Scenes

I brainstormed with the account team and pitched ideas for calendar dates such as Mother's Day. Then designed moodboards and illustrated scamps to present to the client ensuring they could visualise the shot and understand what colours, props and shooting style would be used.


I roughly illustrated the shots to show the composition of each image, 3 ideas were presented for each route. The client selected 1, then I managed the pre-production, art directed the shots on set and retouched images before they were uploaded.

Mother's Day Post-production

I heavily retouched the image to remove the label in Photoshop and added in a net curtain to the background to give the image a homely feel. Here's the before and after:

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