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Elevating a Powerpoint

I translated a wordy slide deck into an engaging, informative video. The project brought to life the client's new strategy that helps improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.


I began by moodboarding and developing style frames on the ideas of innovation and transformation. Once a route was chosen, I illustrated storyboards, planned movements and finally animated the video. 


Art direction, storyboarding, illustration, 2D and 3D motion graphics, audio editing.

Tools used:

Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro.

I presented 3 concepts that framed the narrative, each one pushing the style a little further.

Concept 1 – Big ideas are represented through bold colours and abstract shapes that build and morph together.

Concept 2 – Innovation begins on paper, the style plays on drawing an idea that could change the future for patients, caregivers and sites. Large objects interact with characters creating a playful sense of scale that represents big ideas.

Concept 3 (The winner!) – We focus on a collaborative hub of diverse people, movements will flow from one another showing the evolving nature of the team. Blue-tinted gradients and glass textures create a futuristic feel.

The concept transformed further, from incorporating photography to pairing it back to abstract 3D shapes.

A small snapshot of the storyboard

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