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Squeeze the Day Campaign

Always Squeeze the Day, a campaign to encourage women to strengthen their pelvic floor.

Referencing optical illusions, I explored graphics that squeezed the canvas, expressing the message through visuals and typography.

The campaign took the form of strategic OOH – placed at bus stops and on the tube – times where women would be idle to use their 'wasted time into squeezing time'. 

I storyboarded and animated the website campaign videos that further explained how and why you should Squeeze the Day.


Design lead, storyboarding, illustration, 2D motion graphics.

Tools used:

Indesign, Illustrator, After Effects.

Here's a few early stage visual explorations and the final design.

11744_Always_Discreet_Menopause Toolkit_Update_OOH_V18.jpg

I storyboarded the video and presented to client before moving forward with animating to minimise feedback rounds.

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